Study in the United Arab Emirates – A Guide for International Students

Are you a student who is interested in studying in UAE? Then, you’ve arrived at the right post, because we are here to guide you at each step of your career, from admission to visa policies and procedures.

The United Arab Emirates has around 116 universities, famous for its research and development expertise. Most universities like University of Dubai, University of Sharjah, and American University of Sharjah has multicultural foreign students. There are multiple benefits for students in UAE. Like having a chance to have a tax-free income.


Below we have listed about the facilities you can avail as a student in UAE.

  • Outstanding educational facilities

The UAE offers a broad spectrum of opportunities from private to Public Universities. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) recognize almost all of these Universities. In addition, some of them are recognized by agencies of foreign countries. For example, The American University of Sharjah is jointly accredited by MOHESR and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Each of the programs offered by University has achieved a ‘gold standard’ position by US system, which provides the students of satisfaction of attaining standard level of education from a reputable institute.


  • Generous people

Arabs are very hospitable by nature; they strongly respect their customs and traditions and also have excellent sense of humor. Every year they welcome around millions of people and share traditions and joys. The local residents also warmly welcome expats, to visit their homes, where they can discuss about the difference in their traditions and customs.

Apart from this, the teaching staff and professors are professional teachers and are very helpful, to the extent that not even a single student has to rely on private tuitions and neither do they have to seek help from online custom essay writing services.

  • The extensive educational structure

Dubai has broad educational network. In Government sector Universities, the lectures are delivered in Arabic language, while English is considered as second language. Whereas, in almost every private University the lectures are delivered in English.


The professional degree programs of US and UK are taught in English, but students having non-arab background must have to attend Arabic language classes and Islamic studies classes are mandatory for Muslim and Arab students.

The Graduates of UAE are successful in acquiring jobs at world’s reputed companies. They are known to be brilliant and sharp, and can easily manage their courses without depending on online custom essay writing service to complete their assignments.

The Government of Dubai offers 100% free education from kindergarten to the education of University level. Around 60%, of children are studying in public sector schools and colleges and remaining 40% of students are studying in private schools.

  • Courses offered

 The Universities in Dubai, offer courses from wide array of fields from medical sciences, arts, engineering to psychology. The numerous courses include business, management, accounting, banking, media sciences, public administration, pharmaceutical sciences, dentistry, graphic designing, mechanical and electrical engineering. The duration of programs is 3 to 4 years. 

  • Tuition and Program Duration

 Public sector universities are free for UAE citizens, at every level of study from bachelors, masters to PhD’s level. The tuition fees at private institutes vary according to school or type of master’s program. The annual tuition fee typically range between   10,000 US dollars to 25,000 British pounds.

The duration for completion of Master’s program is around 1-2 years with regular attendance. Part time program requires about 5 years of duration, but there are some accelerated programs that only requires one year for their completion.

  • Living Cost

 International students have to spent minimum of AED 3000 to maximum of AED 6000 per month. But it depends upon whether you stay on or off campus. The billing, food, transport and entertainment are included in this package.

  • Academic Year

 A typical academic year has semester system, with two semesters of six months each. But there are some accelerated programs having three semesters per annum.

  • Fall semester begin in the month of Semester and ends till December or January
  • Spring semester begin in the month of January or February and ends till June.


  • Admission Procedure
  • First the applicant has to submit the application form along with all relevant documents.
  • The student has to appear in IELTS and have to score a minimum of 5 bands.
  • On the basis of your test results and academic background, the university will decide the level you are qualified to enter.
  • Once you have cleared test, and fulfill all mandatory requirements, the university will send you a conformation letter. This letter will help in applying for student visa.
  • The visa procedure may complete within a week, after you applied for.
  • After receiving visa approval, you can book your tickets.

 So, dust off your luggage, pack your bag and get ready to study in UAE’s world class Universities!





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