How technologist have revolutionized the education system in 21st century

The technologist have brought a revolution in the 21st century. They have changed the paradigm of things and perception of the people through advancement in technology. They have provided us with a new powerful lens of technology through which we view the present world in utterly distinctive way. The major influence of technology is observed in the educational sector. Initially, technology was just involved in illustrating the educational concepts through images or audio but now it has be ingrained in the roots of the education system. It has allowed easy nurturance on the subjects and let us create a product through our own idea that was previously difficult to make. The difference of social strata has been eliminated with the invention of internet which is a great educational development. The previous notion that higher education is an elitist privilege has been eliminated. The internet makes education accessible without any discriminating in race, color, caste, or status. The influence of the technology has given birth to the e-learning system, making education accessible in every nook and corner of the country. The major influence of the technology is on the factors which are detailed below:

  1. Ease of Communication

21st century has altered and modified the way we communicate with our teachers, or educational facilitators. It has expanded the opportunities for communication. The professors and students are now connected 24/7 to enhance the educational process through various devices. The various online discussions, chats, emails, and groups have provided the student a platform where they can exchange their ideas and views. This further enhances their knowledge on the subject. However, these devices and platforms have mitigated the interactive activities that use to take place in the classroom. Although, it provides us thesaurus of knowledge it also thwarts the social activities and enhancement that took place through it. Various educational models are now being developed to address this problem.

  1. Textbooks Replacement

The technological development has replaced the traditional books for education. With the development of the cell phones, laptop, e-book, and more the physical textbooks have been replaced. Use of projectors has increased in the educational sector to provide a better comprehensive understanding to the students. The teacher now also uses technology as a source for supplying the supplementary data relevant to the course to the students. This is mostly in the form of word document or PowerPoint slides to enrich the learning process. The educational facilitator who was originally considered an ultimate source of education has been replaced. The role of the teacher is now shifted towards that of a guide rather than of a sage. In this way, students are made solely responsible for their own learning.

  1. Easy accessibility

The technology has provided us with the internet that makes education accessible in every part of the world. Students now have access to various educational sources in the world because of this technology. This improves their learning and the quality of the work produced by them. In addition, the assignment help on the internet provides them access to various assignment help to ease their grades. It has eradicated the trouble of going through stack of books in a library for completion of a single assignment, which saves us from all the hassles and time as well.

  1. E-learning Opportunities

The ubiquity of devices developed by the technology has allowed connectivity from one end of the world to the other. Students now have diverse subjects available at their disposal and in case they are not available in their local area they can seek services from an oversee facilitator through the internet. The e-learning programs have created opportunity for students to grow their skill set in diverse disciplines.

Technology is evidently a powerful tool that has transformed the educational sector in all the ways that we could possibly think of. 21st century has expanded the reach of education worldwide and has bought diverse learning opportunity for the students that can be availed at anytime and anywhere. It is up to us to make the most of these opportunities and be able to learn in a more efficient and effective way.

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