important points to Ace your computer science personal statement?

Life is not so easy when you are a student. This phase demands continuous hard work and struggle; especially those who are about to apply for the Bachelors or Masters Program. This post is for all the computer science students who are done with their final exams and preparing for the next level.

In my opinion, you must have prepared a list of all important points that are the part of the application process. Well usually, the whole admission process goes smoothly but one thing that is usually ticking the minds of the students is to write a good personal statement. The good thing is; it is not a rocket science and if you are planning to write a CS personal statement just keep this in mind that the distance between you and your dreams is this short essay. So, why it is so important? It gives the admission committee a brief introduction of the candidate, the motivation to apply for the particular college/university and what makes him/her stand out among thousands of application.

Quick Tip: It will be a good idea to first check the online computer science personal statement examples before starting it.  But remember not to copy anything!

We have got some more tips for you… so continue reading till the end!

Check the requirements first

The most important point is to first check the requirements and make pointers. Like the word limit, the prompt if given or sometimes some questions are asked that should be answered by the candidate.


Brainstorming is important, let all your ideas come out of your mind and do some initial planning. Like, think about what motivates you to select this field…what are your skills and what are your plans for the future and how this program will be beneficial for you and your community. Plan how you would be writing your introduction as the first impression really matters!

Pen down your thoughts

Brainstorming is done now it’s time to start with the draft. Check the pointers you made before and start drafting. Just keep it simple! It is not necessary to load your entire content with too many fancy vocabs. Usually, it is seen that students use difficult words in their writing – that is sometimes backfired and the whole structure of the sentence is disturbed.

Be original

Just keep in mind not to get influenced by listening to the stories of others. The scenarios are different for different people. It is not necessary that if someone wants to be a computer engineer; his story and your story would be the same. The selection committee reads hundreds of such stories so it is better to think about yourself, that is unique or if it is not different then present it effectively. Narrate your strengths and it is fine if you write your weakness but remember to present the ideas to overcome that in the very next sentence or you can simply write that how you have planned to overcome your weaknesses.

Proofread twice, thrice

Remember that you are not submitting an ordinary class essay that would be returned to you after the first assessment. You don’t have the chance to resubmit in the case of a personal statement. So once you are done with the final write up it is advised to not only proofread yourself twice or thrice but also ask someone to proofread it. This will let you know whether the other person can understand your thoughts or still there’s a room for betterment.

Some additional Tips

  • Don’t keep your writing style informal… storytelling element is needed…your creative ideas work well but keep the tone normal.
  • Do your research related to the country and the university in which you are going to apply to convince the readers that you know about it.
  • Most of the selectors want to know how you are going to adjust to the new culture so it is important to know about it.
  • Read the computer science masters personal statement examples that are available on the university’s website and compare the best statement with the poorly written statements as many universities usually provided the examples and the reasons for the best and the worst.
  • Don’t forget to mention your future plans that are on the short term as well as on the long term basis

Hope you have found our post useful. Good luck with your final write up, relax, just follow our tips with your ideas. Don’t worry good things take time…so just make it sure not to complete it in a hurry! Take your time!

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