Top and Best 20 Social Event Ideas for University Students

University campuses have always been the hub of social events. Students have a good number of activities to take part in everyday, academic, or otherwise. While bizarre out of control parties have always been favored by university students, with the shifting of time and demographics, some changes are seen in this mindset. Student unions are now looking for more meaningful gatherings to be a part of the university experience. Here we have 20 interesting college events ideas that are sure to be fun and beneficial for everyone involved.

  1. Sessions on “Adulting”

Whether you are on the brink of 20 or have crossed your 30’s, we are all going through the complications of being an adult. It is great to realize that there are others who relate to the same situations. Being such a popular topic among every age group these days, this event is sure to be a hit. Run sessions teaching useful skills to students like cooking and economizing to help them handle real-life issues.

  1. TEDx talks

Were you aware that TEDx talks actually started out as a USC campus event in 2009? TEDx talks are the perfect professional events for college students. The platform now encourages universities to start their own digital lecture series. The official website has all the information you need for holding TEDx talks at your campus.

  1. Club mashup

All academic institutions have a myriad of clubs according to student interests. Whether its drama, science, journalism, or more, you can arrange mashup events. It is the most effective social idea for university clubs, as it introduces students to diverse passions.

  1. City tours

There is a general rise in the number of international students and even out of towners in all university campuses. Therefore, many people are eager to explore new surroundings. City tours to hotspots in the vicinity of the campus will help students get properly acquainted with the area.

  1. Meet the grads

This event consists of bringing back previous graduates to share their stories of coping in the real world. Do not just invite the people who happen to be extremely successful, but also ones who are doing something unusual. That can be anyone from the founders of a startup, activists, artists, or social influencers. Try to find people who are really active on social media to help promote the event.

  1. Fundraisers

Fundraising is a great student society social idea. It is incredible to see how people can bring positive change if they work together. Invite the youth to be that change. Arrange a team up with an external organization to take part in a purposeful community event.

  1. Stress relief events

University life is sure to be stressful. Students look forward to activities that promote stress relief. Organize a get-together combined with a spa day. Arrange for chair-message therapy, yoga instructors, and aromatherapy. You might even find experts in these fields amid the student body itself.

  1. Dinner mixer

Dinner mixers prove to be fun activities for college students, more than regular students get-togethers. A crazy twist can be put to it by adding a fancy theme like “bowties and bubbles”. That will give the students an excuse to dress themselves up and indulge in some fine dining.

  1. Coffee bar

The coffee bar is a minor version of the dinner mixer. University students tend to become heavy coffee drinkers due to hectic schedules. Engage some local coffee brands to set up a bar on the campus with alternatives like cold brew and filter. This is not only about the joys of downing quality coffee, but also creates an opportunity for people to mingle and talk.

  1. Film festival

A film festival is a virtual event idea for college students, as it involves making short films with smartphones. This is creative and a chance for everyone to express themselves. Do make sure that there are a theme and some ground rules to follow in order to come up with the best content.

  1. Dogs and kitten meetup

Who doesn’t love adorable little animals?  For your students to dissolve stress by interacting with cute kittens and puppies, contact your local shelter to bring some over. Also, add in free coffee and nothing can be better.

  1. Late-night breakfast

Breakfast food is everyone’s favorite. It is comforting and delicious. And it’s the best source of energy for students cramming for tests at 1 AM. Arrange for late-night breakfast plus study sessions around finals, which will be immensely appreciated by your students.

  1. Adult coloring sessions

Coloring books work wonders for stress relief. A coloring hour for decompressing some stress can be very helpful. Set up a variety of coloring supplies and books and invite everyone for the ride.

  1. Free concert

Music connects all kinds of souls together. There is nothing better than a free concert to take the pressure off everyone’s minds. Book a band or solo artist to help people relax and try out something new.

  1. Invite a nutrition expert

We are all aware of the 15-pound weight gain that comes with the first year of university. Between an exhausting schedule, cafeteria meals, and late-night snacks, an unhealthy routine is unavoidable. Invite a nutritionist to speak with the students and advise them on better health care.

  1. Exclusive cooking class

This event is closely connected to the previous one. For a balanced meal plan, students need to know how to prepare meals. A good chef can cook them some delicious dishes and share healthy easy recipes with all. Free food and life-improving advice would be popular among everyone.

  1. Host free yoga sessions

Yoga is an excellent way to take the stress off and doesn’t need much material except a yoga mat. Ask an expert to come in and host some free classes for students. An hour of going through stretching poses and postures can calm the mind most wonderfully.

  1. Self-care forum

Students need to be aware that self-care is important. Life coaches can give students good advice on personal well-being. Create a forum where everyone can share their problems and find solutions for them.

  1. Outdoor activities

Take student groups for any outdoor activity such as backpacking, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and many more. Organizing activities focused on nature is an incredible way to bring people together in a new atmosphere. Select a destination that is near to the campus or take a bus to the closest hiking trail.

  1. Major swap event

We are not encouraging students to swap majors here. Bring together seniors with freshmen and encourage sharing of ideas about picking majors. Seniors can provide effective guidance and reassurance to the newcomers. Hearing about their thoughts and experiences will take some of the edges off choosing a major.

These were 20 of the best online event ideas for college students. Hosting a successful event not only motivates the student body but also promotes the institute itself. Arranging different forms of activities helps your students interact in various environments. It is productive for them to share ideas and know each other. For further help contact services for more suggestions on interesting online events for college students.


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