How much does a company profile design cost?

A company profile is necessary for a business to stay relevant within the industry. You must not hold back from spending a reasonable amount on it. It is basically an investment for taking your company further ahead. Hiring a professional to do the job for you is the recommended approach. As they are aware of the changing trends of the market and the updated requirements. Go through our article to understand the factors involved in a company profile design charges/cost. We have every aspect explained separately to make it easier for newcomers into the industry as well.


Extensive studying and planning about the nature of your company are essential. It provides the necessary details you need to add to the profile. For this purpose, professional designers give you a form to fill. It consists of each and every detail related to your company. This makes it clear to them what they are supposed to be working on. You need to make sure your future prospects are specified to the designer. Therefore, there are multiple duties that should be considered to make the profile 10 percent of the total cost.

Company values

It is essential to portray the values of your company in the profile. It is simply not complete without it. However, if you already have a branding, discuss its details with the designer you hire.

Target Audience

A brand cannot be targeting all kinds of people. It is impossible to cater to the needs of everyone even if you offer several services/products. Therefore, the brand identity of business requires extensive study in this area. You need to determine the ways to cater to target customers.

Walt Disney for instance is basically a brand that is focused on children. However, they also address philanthropic, investment, and environmental purposes. These help the company connect with a larger crowd of people with their wide-spread range.


The preference of your consumers for your service or products is measured to compare progress against competitors. Furthermore, if your business has a higher level of market shares, then it translates into better sales. Consequently, a strong barrier is formed between your company and other competitors.

Industry Standards

In-depth research is necessary to perceive a clearer picture of the industry. This will help your company create better and sustainable strategies for the future. Knowing the industry will let you see what sets you apart from other businesses. And how you can use that to your advantage in your profile design.

Composition of the design

The design composition for a company profile should complement your brand. It is as important as your services and products. This costs fifty percent of the total price you pay for your design. And we will tell you why. People might assume that designing a profile just requires putting together colors and visuals. However, it a most complex and intricate process that takes a lot of effort.

There are several things involved when it comes to design a company profile. You have to focus on care on fonts, typeface, and theme. It is essential for designers to scrutinize each of these elements to ensure harmony and balance. The final result is of a pleasing and attractive appearance.

Designers prefer to use Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop for the visuals of the profile. The royalty-free elements and photos used in it are also a part of the cost. However, things do not turn out perfect in one go. There are always revisions required and a process of trial and error. But an exceptional result is ultimately achieved with a little patience and creative collaboration.


A copywriter with incredible writing skills is your direct solution to increase leads. Copywriting requires an excellent ability to convey your message in the most attractive way possible. 20% of your total profile budget must go to copywriting.

Firstly, companies should state their messages in a manner that appeals and engages everyone. The various structures used in copywriting also depends upon the readability of your audience. There are three types of companies: product manufacturing, trade/distributing, project-based.  Copywriters need to be familiar with all in order to use the correct context and terms.

For trading companies, content related to dealership and distribution channels is used. In comparison, for product manufacturers, their capability of production, and manner of import/export needs inclusion. Lastly, a project-based company’s profile will take into account its scale and infrastructure.


This is the final step that a company profiled design has to go through. Everything has been done and polished and reviewed multiple times. All it needs is to go to the printer’s and come back in its finished forms. This usually takes around 20% of the overall budget you are putting in the design.

There are a few factors to consider though in this last stage too. The number of profiles you are getting printed is foremost. The quality of the print is the next important thing. These elements will count when it comes to cost. It is of course a priority to you to present your company in the best way possible. Hence, the final look of your profile will be dependent on the level of finesse you go for. This was a complete estimate of how much a profile design can cost a business. For further professional help hire company profile design Dubai for affordable and high-quality service.

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