Top Most Popular College Sports in the Middle East

Don’t you agree that the spirit of FIFA has got us all pumped up? Whether or not you are a sports enthusiast, you always have a connection whose post is centered on the sports. Let me be honest with you, I am a seasonal sports lover, but the spirit of my fellow workers keeps me charger throughout the game. Every individual is engulfed in its love, whether you are a worker, an administrator, or a student. Considering sports, Middle East colleges have always been on the move. Its inclination towards sports discipline is evident from the offering of the colleges related to sport, of which, some of the notorious ones are listed below:

  • Football

Also at times known as soccer, is one of the popular sports game among the college students. With the FIFA in full swings, the enthusiasm of college students in the Middle East cannot be described in words. In UAE alone, 30 institutes provide the students with the opportunity to exhibit their athletic skills. Regarded as one of the most money-making sport, the inclination of the students to build their career in it is doubled.

  • Cricket

The game is always successful in catching the attention of the audience. One of the oldest and notorious games, cricket has different variations and durations. The lucrative leagues introduced at the domestic level have also boosted the college student’s entrance in this game. The sport’s popularity exceeds all boundaries of gender, race and more.

  • Jiu-Jitsu

Other popular sport which sustains it place as a top sport among the students is Jiu-Jitsu. More than 100 institutes in the Middle East provide the students with this curriculum in which students with great zeal and enthusiasm to engage in. It is a type of martial art, which uses a close combat technique. The opponents are either provided with a weapon short in size and sometimes not.

  • Tennis

Played in a court, tennis is an extremely popular and interesting game. Students who enjoy individual sports prefer it the most. The sport is based on your athleticism and requires strong head game, as it requires studies of different strategies and the approaches which the individual adopts. Many institutes in the Middle East offer students the opportunity to indulge in this game.

  • Ice hockey

This sport is slowly climbing up its space in the top most popular sports in the Middle East. Recently, an upsurge has been reported and so is the inclination of the college students towards it. With the Abu Dhabi ice skate championship 2018, the interest of the candidates has also sparked, where audience from all over the middle east are cheering for it with excessive zeal and zest.

  • Golf

Golf has been an admired and trendy sport for several years. It has observed an increase in devoted players over the last two decades. Ever wonder why is it so? Let me tell disclose it to you. A single golf game gives the player an incredible experience of fresh air, natural panorama and striking views.

  • Badminton

It is a sport that has been written upon most of the CVs of candidates as the favorite hobby. This depicts the clear picture about its popularity. In the Middle East, there are numerous badminton clubs that have been inaugurated considering its emerging fame. Women in Arab regions promote this sport as the symbol of peace and harmony as illustrated on the site of assignment help UAE. Isn’t it great how a sport can contribute to promoting peace and love across the globe? Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in union with Badminton World Federation (BWF) has organized this great cause movement.

These are the top most sports which students in the Middle East love to indulge in.


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